Who's behind this great web site?

The short answer is the great people at Fubra. Read on for the full story.

in the beginning

"fubra was forged in the aftermath of the dot com crash"

Fubra started as a group of friends trying to make a bit of money on the side from web design whilst at college. Four years later, due to technical skill, flair and innovation (not to mention boss Brendan's determination never to get a "real job") Fubra was flourishing.

We started off making money selling software on the web, moving on to selling travel and finance products and developing search engines for different types of information.

Since then we have tried to create valuable sites ones which help people cut through the commercial mess of the internet, and actually provide users with useful information.

While we were mid-establishing ourselves as the guardian angels of cyberspace, property became a hot topic in the office as boss Brendan, as well as a few others, found himself in the difficult position as a first time buyer.

Discussion ensued about whether it was a bad idea to buy at this time because house prices were too high, and surely they had to drop a bit sometime soon. During one of the many discussions it was realised that there just wasn't enough information out there to help first time buyers or indeed property purchasers in general.

With many of us at the stage where we were considering buying for the first time, property prices had become something which we had became very aware of and interested in. Then we had a brainwave - wouldn't it be useful to have a website where we could follow exactly what prices were paid for properties? With access to this kind of information we could make our own decisions about house prices. And if it would be useful to us, it would be useful to everyone else thinking about buying a house.

We all enthusiastically threw ourselves behind the project. Teamwork prevailed, and the site was up and ready before we knew it. We're really pleased with the result let us know what you think by dropping us a quick email