Why Use Our Property

What Makes us the Best House Price Site on the Web?


Most Comprehensive

We are the most comprehensive house price site available on the web with the largest data set for England, Scotland and Wales.

Largest Scottish Database

We have the largest Scottish database and the only site which offers Scottish sales prior to the year 2000

Up to date England and Wales records

The site shows English and Welsh sales from 1st April 2000 right up to 31st January 2017 and is constantly being updated.

Always FREE

It's completely free and house price searches will always be FREE.

Intelligent Search

The intelligent search function allows you to search by postcode proximity.

Advanced Search

Advanced search option enabling you to make more specific searches.

Useful Results Sorting Filter

Useful sorting filter on results, enabling you to view all sales in one road and across all possible dates. Also facility to order sales in ascending/descending price order or date sold order amongst other options.