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Here are a pick of some useful sites for the homeowner. They are a selection of useful online guides packed with information and fun to read. Whether you want to quickly find the contact details for your energy companies, read up on the current hose pipe bans, learn about getting started with broadband or how to recycle at home, there are plenty of great tips and advice throughout these guides...

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Water Guide

One of three fun and colourful guides to your household utilities, the Water Guide is a great place to quickly and easily access your local water companies’ contact details but also offers much more.

You can read up on how to fix common water related problems at home such as a blocked sink or a dripping tap and there are some must read water saving tips from Soaks the raindrop – a fun way for the kids to learn the importance of turning off that tap!

What else the guide contains:

  • Your current water rates – compare with other companies
  • What to do if you discover a water leak
  • Information on switching to a water meter with some average metered and unmetered costs
  • Procedures for complaining to your water company and contacts for the industry regulators
  • The latest water news ‘blog’ where you can have your say and leave comments.

Recycling Guide

With the worlds resources becoming more and more limited and landfills in the UK filling up quickly, it has never been more important to reduce waste, reuse and recycle.

If you are not sure where to start or perhaps want a fun way to teach your children about recycling then this colourful, fun recycling guide is a great place to start for loads of great tips and advice.

There are facts on why it is so important to recycle to get you started and then it takes you through how to recycle different materials, where to recycle and what happens to items that you recycle such as tin cans, bottles and paper.

Resident drinks can Crush guides you through recycling at home, helping you reduce what’s in your rubbish bin and giving you useful tips on how to reuse household items. There is also some fun recycling activity and resource sheets to print off to remind you about recycling at home, school and work.

Electricity Guide

With the strain of rocketing electricity bills being felt by everyone at the moment, the only realistic solution is to try and cut down our usage at home and slash those bills. Resident energy saving lightbulb Sparky takes you through some invaluable energy saving tips in the home and garden.

There is a nicely illustrated page explaining where how electricity is generated and gets to our homes and you can even check which sources your energy company uses to generate their electricity – great if you would prefer to opt for a greener supplier. If you are thinking of switching there is a comprehensive directory of companies including their contact details and services offered.

Other useful pages include:

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Gas Guide

Another useful site to help you reduce your energy bills and conserve our dwindling gas supplies. With gas prices continually on the rise, Flare’s on hand with plenty of energy saving tips.

If you would like to try switching your supplier to save you a few pounds then the site has a comprehensive list of energy companies with their contact details and the services they offer. There is also a useful reference page on the industry regulators in case you have a dispute or complaint.

Information on where gas comes from, how to be safe around gas - for example avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning and how to fix some common heating problems are also included and simply laid out.

You can keep up to date with current gas news on the blog and comment on any article you may be interested in.

Broadband Guide

Want to get online but don’t know where to start? This simple yet informative guide will help you get to grips with all the broadband basics.

It talks you through how to get started with broadband, answering questions such as:

As well as explaining the about broadband speeds and download limits.

If you are a beginner and are baffled by bandwidth and megabytes then the jargon buster will help you translate all the technical terms. Once you’ve swotted up and are ready to get connected, you can browse through the list of broadband providers, check out what they have to offer and read some useful customer reviews and ratings.

Banking Guide

A useful introduction into the complicated world of banking and bank accounts. This site is another beginner’s guide really, taking you through the different types of bank accounts available and giving an overview of other banking services available such as mortgages, loans, investments and credit cards.

There’s a useful glossary of banking terms for those who don’t know their APR from their AER and a must read section on how to spot an internet banking email scam with some example emails to look at.

There is a good review and rating feature where you can leave your comments about any bank or banking product you have used and would or would not recommend. The site is quite new so this area isn’t yet swelling with comments – why not review your bank and get the ball rolling.

Financial Guide

If you are buying, selling or re-mortgaging your property, chances are you may be looking for some financial advice. This site has an extensive directory of advisors which can be searched quickly and easily by post code so will be returned with a list of advisors in your local area. If you need the contact details for a specific advisor however, there is also the facility to search by firm name or address.

Alongside the comprehensive directory there is also a selection of useful guides on various money-related subjects that might help you with some of your general financial decisions.

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