All you need to know about building a home swimming pool

Thinking of building a home swimming pool? Not sure whether to go for an aboveground or submerged pool? Not sure whether to go for a block and liner pool or a fibreglass body instead? Perhaps you could use some advice from a swimming pool contractor!As the name suggests, swimming pool contractors are tradesmen whose expertise lies in anything pool-related. Contractors can take care of the entire process of building a home swimming pool: that means wiring all the electrics, digging the hole, getting rid of the earth and all the other jobs right up until the pool is ready. There are lots of decisions to be made when you are building a swimming pool and this guide will make you aware of your choices.

When might I need a contractor and what sort of pools are there?

It might seem obvious, but you will need a swimming pool contractor to design, build, or repair a swimming pool.There are two main types of swimming pool: aboveground pools and submerged pools. Aboveground pools tend to be cheaper because you don’t have to dig a hole and fit them but submerged pools are more traditional and provide easier entry for children or elderly people.In addition to the type of pool, you will have to decide on the type of materials you want your pool to consist of. There are three common finishes: liner; fibreglass shell; and tiles. These all require different amounts of maintenance and will affect the overall price of the job.Other options, such as types of pool covers, pool heaters and filters, the shape and size of your pool, and whether you want a patio area or pool house built will also affect the cost and amount of time it takes to build your pool.At this stage, when you are still planning which sort of pool you would like, it is a good time to talk to a swimming pool contractor, who will come and advise you (after visiting your property and seeing the plot on which you intend to build a swimming pool) on what options are possible and what the various costs would be.

What are the benefits of using a professional over a D.I.Y. job?

Designing and building a home swimming pool is a highly demanding and skilful job – even installing a readymade DIY swimming pool shell is not as easy as it sounds.It is possible to build a swimming pool as a DIY project, but it requires lots and lots of time and equipment. Don't expect it to be cheap either; even as a DIY project it'll cost at least £8,000 for a very basic set up. The whole process will be a lot easier if you enlist a professional.A professional contractor will have years of expertise and know-how, and will often be able to finish a job far quicker than you will, in addition to giving you peace of mind. Also, bear in mind that individual designs may require specialist tools or knowledge that you simply do not have access to.One last, and fairly major, advantage of using a swimming pool contractor as opposed to doing a D.I.Y. job is this: you will have someone to go back to if something should go wrong a few months down the line. When you consider the cost of re-doing an entire job, in terms of time and money, this becomes a major advantage.