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Page 2: Qualifications and costs

Hannah Shanks - Editor

What qualifications does a tiler need to have?

Currently tilers do not have to have a specific qualification in order to practice which can make finding a good tiler a difficult process. Some colleges offer the Construction Industry Train Board (CITB) Intermediate Construction Award (Tiling) so this may be a qualification that a tiler will say they have. NVQs and SVQs are also available in Wall and Floor Tiling, but most tilers will have been trained by being a construction apprentice. However, by 2010 the government is requiring that all workers within the construction industry must hold a Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) card, or they must be registered with an associated scheme. To be eligible for the card the worker must possess a NVQ or a SVQ, or a satisfactory corresponding qualification, and have passed a health and safety assessment. Each card has a grade which is given according to the experience and qualifications of the worker. This will enable you to be able to choose the standard of your tiler which has been calculated against specific requirements.

Where can I find a tiler?

There are a number of sites on the internet which provide details of tilers, one of the best of these is Place4tilers. The Tile Association (TTA) offers the most comprehensive directory of tilers on the internet and all those listed are members of TTA. This site is especially useful if you are trying to find a specialist tiler, product or tile.

How much will it cost?

You will be expected to pay for all tiles and adhesives, thus the cost of these will depend on the type of tiles which you use and the quality of the adhesive and grout. Obviously the size of the area that is to be tiled will affect the cost of these also. Some tilers will expect you to obtain the tiles and adhesive yourself. The cost for the labour of the tiler will obviously depend on the size of the area that is to be tiled, the average price for a tiler (outside London) is 35 per m2. However, the detail which is required from the work will often manipulate the price also, thus if small, intricate tiles are used then the laying process will be harder and thus will cost more. If any restoration or repair work is needed to be done then this will also manipulate the price of the tiler's labour. In general, the cost of labour is job specific.

What should I ask the tiler?

  • How much will this job cost?
  • Will you provide adhesives and grout?
  • How long will the process take?
  • Have you used this type of tile before? (If you are using a specific material)
  • Do you think any work needs to be done to the surface before the tiles are laid?

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