Need Help Searching?

Use Our Searching Guide to get the most out of Our Property.

Basic Search
Entering your postcode

Step 1 - To start searching our free UK database all you need to do is simply enter a postcode in the box and click search. The Basic Search will return properties within a 100 metre radius of the post code that you entered.

Selecting your road

Step 2 - Once the search results have been returned click through on the road that you are interested in to view the individual property prices.

Sorting Results

There are several useful ways you can sort your results after you have done a basic search. This will help you find the exact property you are looking for and enable you to make better use of the data available.

When the results for your post code search are showing on the page there two useful tabs above the property list. Please note: that clicking on either of these will use up one of your searches:

Extra Search Options

[show all of this road] - by clicking this you can display all properties on the same road as the property you were looking for.

[show all possible dates] - by default, a basic post code search will bring back results of sales in the last two years, by clicking on this tab you can see all sales over all years that we have on record.

Once you have the results you are looking for, you are also able to sort the results table further by using the sorting options at the top of the results table.

Sorting your property price data

Date - you can sort the properties by date sold, earliest to most recent and vice versa

Property - you can sort the properties so they are in ascending or descending order of house/flat number.

Price - you can look at the most expensive or least expensive properties by sorting the results in ascending or descending price.

Refine Search

Step 1 - After performing a basic search you will be presented with your results page.

The results page

Step 2 - If you can not see the street name that you were expecting then use the refine search options to widen or narrow your search. These are the two boxes at the top of the page.

Refine your search by location and date
Refine by location/area

Step 3 - The top box allows you to choose whether you see:

  • only properties within a 250 meter radius
  • only properties with that specific post code
  • only properties beginning with the first four or five characters of the post code
  • show me just my road
  • show me my local area
Refine by date range

Step 4 - Once you have chosen the area you wish to refine next choose the time frame in the second box. Choose from:

  • All years
  • Last 2 years
  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
Advanced Search

If you do not know the post code of the property that you are looking for or need more options then the advanced search can help.

Enter the address details you wish to search by

Step 1 - Firstly, enter the address details into the corresponding text box.
(Note: if you enter a town or locality, you must provide either a street name or a full/partial postcode in order to continue your search.

Selected your desired Country

Step 2 - The next step is to specify the country in which you wish to search (England & Wales or Scotland).

Depending on the country you choose, the following options change to suit the kind of data we receive from the controlling Land Registry.

Refine your search by property type/tenure

Step 3 - If you wish, you may then choose the tenure (freehold/leasehold/both) and house type of the property.

The types available are

For England/Wales searches: All Types, Detached, Semi-Detached, Terraced and Flat.
For Scotland searches: All Types, Residential, Commercial and Land (in addition, there is no tenure type available for selection with Scottish data)

Selected you date range Scotland exclusive - search pre May 2000 data

Step 4 - Finally there is the option to refine your search by date, ranging from 1st April 2000 to 31st January 2017.

If your search was for Scotland, you will also have the additional choice of data for registrations before May 2000. Selecting this option will nullify the other refine options such as date range and house type, in addition, the address fields may be used to search for any data present in a result (not just the address).

[Note: that while the address fields may now take any data, if only the locality/town fields are entered, you will still be asked to enter details into the street or postcode field]