House Price Information for Gordon

Postcodes in Gordon: TD3

Roads in Gordon, ordered by price

RankRoad nameSalesAverage Price
1Houndslow Road, Gordon2£302,500
2The Row, Gordon2£211,250
4The Beeches, Gordon8£170,625
5Sunnybraes, Gordon3£163,333
6Main Street, Gordon5£89,167
7Murrayfield, Gordon4£53,500
8Edgar Road, Gordon2£45,385

The 10 most transient roads in Gordon are:

RankRoad nameSalesAverage Price
3The Beeches, Gordon8£170,625
5Murrayfield, Gordon4£53,500
6Sunnybraes, Gordon3£163,333
7Edgar Road, Gordon2£45,385
8The Row, Gordon2£211,250
9Main Street, Gordon2£62,500
10Houndslow Road, Gordon2£302,500

(Where the most sales have taken place over the last 2 years)

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