House Price Information for Duns - TD10

Other Postcodes in Duns: TD11

Roads in Duns, ordered by price

RankRoad nameSalesAverage Price
2The Avenue, Duns2£217,500
3Edinburgh Road, Duns9£192,507
4Marchmont Crescent, Duns3£150,853
5West High Street, Duns24£134,818
6Bank Street, Duns7£128,334
7Blackadder Crescent, Duns4£114,500
8Todholes, Duns7£106,657
9Marchmont Road, Duns21£97,122
10The Square, Duns9£89,157

The 10 most transient roads in Duns are:

RankRoad nameSalesAverage Price
2East High Street, Duns30£72,836
3West High Street, Duns20£157,135
6Church Street, Duns12£61,333
7Wester Row, Duns12£104,106
8Marchmont Road, Duns11£97,387
9Duns Road, Duns11£73,273
10Wester Row, Duns10£60,600

(Where the most sales have taken place over the last 2 years)

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