House Price Information for Earlston - TD4

Roads in Earlston, ordered by price

RankRoad nameSalesAverage Price
2Haughhead Avenue, Earlston2£214,998
3Broomie Dell, Earlston5£207,917
4Thorn Street, Earlston2£200,000
5Manse Place High Street, Earlston2£177,000
6Oakbank Road, Earlston2£166,146
7Acorn Drive, Earlston4£120,000
8East End, Earlston3£115,000
9High Street, Earlston14£95,018
10Everest Road, Earlston6£91,083

The 10 most transient roads in Earlston are:

RankRoad nameSalesAverage Price
4High Street, Earlston7£109,000
5Everest Road, Earlston6£91,083
6Summerfield, Earlston5£65,610
7Acorn Drive, Earlston4£120,000
8High Street, Earlston4£100,813
9Queens Way, Earlston4£71,500
10High Street, Earlston3£75,242

(Where the most sales have taken place over the last 2 years)

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