Read some of our Testimonials

"Thanks. It does help to know what's going on as my property is now on the market, also."

Alex - 13th April 2017

"Thank you so much for that mail. I really look forward to receiving it and reading all about the properties in areas I'm interested in. Thank you so much."

Joanie - 13th April 2017

"I have found it very useful to track actual sale prices - one due up on my road next month - and will be particularly useful when we sell/downsize in a couple of years. Thanks."

Colin from York - 9th March 2017

"Yes, your service is very useful. We have recommended you a number of times to date, as a resource for people, mainly friends, looking for property to move into or just move house within in our area."

Roger - 16th February 2017

"Thanks for this. Yes, the service is very useful for me. I am not sure if other websites offer the same detail for multiple postcodes, but I have not needed to look as yours offers what I need. "

A. Mc. - 10th January 2017

"Thank you - we find the information you provide very useful in keeping an eye on the market."

John - 7th November 2016

"It's so easy to complain so breaking the mold, thanks for all your efforts, I always look out for these emails!"

Rob - 17th June 2016

"Yes the service is useful. I enjoy the updates and it keeps me abreast of house prices in the area so if we are buying any more investment properties we can calculate a realistic price for the property. "

Jayne - 4th May 2016

"Many thanks for the information, I do appreciate your excellent service. I run the local rural website so I am able to keep people informed as it is quite a remote location here and the property below has generated a lot of interest locally."

Phil - 18th November 2015

"Love this site look forward to every month to see what you come up with, been with you right from start and would miss it so much."

Anne - 6th November 2015