February 2021 sales data added during first week April 2021

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London, Middlesex 02085683187

We mainly run projects in London (SW and West). Other parts of London at request. For more information visit our web site.

London, Kent 02086139323

We currently have 50 properties consisting of 30% sales and 70% lettings. 1% of the lettings is under our management. On average, we sell properties placed with us under three months and let properties placed with us under six weeks.

London, Middlesex 02087434488

- Sales - Lettings - Management We currently have in excess of 50 properties in the sales & lettings department with a further 200 already managed.

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  • "Thanks Guys. Always a pleasure to read this and it's very informative regarding what's happening to prices around here. Great service - thanks again!"

    Richard - 11th November 2019

  • "This always helps with locality & house prices. I have been using the service for over 10 years now and it is exact and useful to maintain an eye on property values. Thank you & the Team at 'Our Property'."

    KC - 05th July 2019

  • "An excellent way of keeping an eye on properties in areas of interest to me."

    GS - 20th June 2019

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