September 2017 sales data added on 1st November 2017

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We offer design, project management and planning consultancy services.

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Some of the many services we offer tailored to suit our clients' needs: spraying, painting, wall coverings, signage, road markings, Italian plasters, hygienic coatings, specialist decorative finishes, French polishing and others. Specialists in decorating occupied premises, supplying painters and decorators to work outside of normal business hours to avoid disrupting the day to day running of the clients business.

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Commercial Investment and Development Finance.

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  • "Thank you ever so much, Team. Your updates are most informative; not least because valuations certainly seem to be on rise in my (CH2 1DL) area. My daughter and her family (in CH3 5QW) are also appreciative - for the same reason!"

    Norman - 06th September 2017

  • "Many thanks for that. I find it very useful to know property values in my area and to know how much my property might be worth if I decide to sell."

    Bill - 06th September 2017

  • "Thank you for the update. The service is indeed useful, the web site is easy to use, and the information is just what I am looking for."

    Liz - 28th August 2017

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