August 2017 sales data added on 1st October 2017

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London, Middlesex 02088894322

Specialising in the sale, letting, and management of residential property in Alexandra Park (N22) & surrounding areas. Two other networked offices in Crouch End (N8) & Stroud Green (N4)

London, Kent 02088577054

I deal with private clients on the main but am looking to break into corporate market soon. My areas of expertise are mortgage advice, estate and wealth preservation and tax advice. I enjoy helping people meet desired objectives and specialise in individual tailoring of plans.

London, Middlesex 02073545224

Upto 100 properties on avearge. Prices start from £200,000 upto £2,000,000, average tends to be about £750,000.

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  • "Thank you ever so much, Team. Your updates are most informative; not least because valuations certainly seem to be on rise in my (CH2 1DL) area. My daughter and her family (in CH3 5QW) are also appreciative - for the same reason!"

    Norman - 06th September 2017

  • "Many thanks for that. I find it very useful to know property values in my area and to know how much my property might be worth if I decide to sell."

    Bill - 06th September 2017

  • "Thank you for the update. The service is indeed useful, the web site is easy to use, and the information is just what I am looking for."

    Liz - 28th August 2017

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