Abroad Actually Ltd

Poplar Avenue 113
Hove, East Sussex

Since 2001

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We are a small owner/operator company based in East Sussex and our core services include:
- Sourcing and advising clients on purchase of residential and commercial property portfolio's both in the UK and overseas;
- Providing access to the most relevant, highly recommended investment options available worldwide;
- Assisting in identification of project, seed or vc finance for property and other non construction related projects and sme companies on a worldwide basis.


Estate Agent - Foreign Property
Search & Buying Advisor - Commercial


1 employee, i.e. Managing Director, property consultant - Deborah Mulungye. I have 10 years experience in property and 18 years in Recruitment and project finance.
Working with virtual teams of large numbers of associates across many countries and disciplines.


Member of Cerean - European real estate professionals.

Area of Business

- Recommendation of property and investment products particularly in emerging market regions and sustainable tourism destinations including The Caribbean and Brazil;
- Introduction of tax mitigation programmes;
- Review and recommendation of property based portfolios;
- Identification of Project and company finance and refinance initiatives, on and off-market;
- Proactive sourcing of property. sites and companies for acquisition;
- Assistance with business planning and international expansion profiles.


TBA, on a deal by deal basis.
For example if we are sourcing sites for clients then we work on a retained basis and will charge the client a percentage fee based upon the finally negotiated sale price of a purchased property or business. Other products do not oblige a fee to be paid by the investor as the providers pay these.