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We are able to offer the services of our solicitors, and remove Stamp Duty from properties of £500,000 or more.
The solicitors charge a fee for this service which is 2% of the purchase price of the property. This equals half of the Stamp Duty that should have been paid. From a client s point of view their costings are halved.

Important Information:

1. Property Value must be greater than £500,000
2. The client must have received a mortgage offer to apply.


Financial Services & Advice - Tax & Trust Specialist
Financial Services & Advice - Tax & Trust Specialist


If you are interested in saving tax then we can show you how to. We have a strong reputation in the market place for facilitating tax solutions. We are however best known for our Stamp Duty Mitigation Scheme however this is not all that we do.

- Extract and shelter company profits without paying tax;
- Change the ownership of a building from company to director, tax effectively;
- Mitigate tax paid on the disposal of an asset;
- Reclaim income tax paid over the last three years;
- Run a property development company without paying corporation tax;
- Significantly increase your net disposable income from your retirement fund.

We work with various professional tax solution providers and therefore we will have a solution to your needs.

The market place for providing taxation mitigation solution in the market is thriving as individuals become increasingly frustrated paying high tax. Why pay tax when you can Avoid. Please note that we no not condone tax evasion which is illegal. All our strategies are for tax avoidance which is perfectly legal.


National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers

Area of Business

Our Services
Mitigating SDLT
We work with some specialist taxation solicitors who can mitigate stamp duty without the Vendors cooperation.

Mitigating Tax on Property Development Profit
We have a strong link with professionals who have a strategy that can mitigate profit that is payable by a company that is involved in property development. The strategy needs to be implemented before the development takes place. The minimum future profit on the development must be £1.5 million.

Mitigating Corporation Tax
If you do not wish to extract the profit from your company and you then have a Corporation Tax Liability then we can help by introducing you to a company that can mitigate that liability for you.This structure is approved by the Inland Revenue before implementation. This can help reduce the company Corporation taxation by up to 60% .

Mitigating Tax Payable on Land Options and Flipping
A number of clients are always looking for ways of mitigating the tax payable on companies getting planning permission and then selling. There is a solution to this and again we can assist in an introduction to the right people.

Capital Gains Tax & Inheritance tax
There is a solution for people with property portfolios who want to protect their assets. The structure which uses a unique special purpose trust can mitigate and future capital gains and inheritance tax.

Redemption of loan notes


The solicitors charge a fee for this service which is 2% of the purchase price of the property. There is also a 0.20% introducer's fee that is payable.