Blocnet Limited

Wilton Road 95
London, Middlesex

Since 2009

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Leading residential and commercial property management company specializing in complete transparency of how each property is managed. We seamlessly incorporate the most up-to-the-minute information and comprehensive reporting available in this industry and make it available to each Lessee, Landlord, Freeholder and RMC Director should they need it.

Our specialized team focuses on properties (from 8 to 800 flats) in the greater London area where outstanding service at reasonable prices is demanded.


Our staff are all experienced property professionals with a passion to provide service to each of our clients be they a lessee, freeholder, landlord or RMC Director.



Area of Business

Blocnet's core business is the management of residential and commercial properties. We also offer leadership and assistance with properties wanting to exercise their Right to Manage as well as assisting developers with structuring their projects having taken into consideration from the earliest possible planning stages how the property can be easily maintained and managed after completion.


Our management fees are usually on a fixed fee basis typically calculated based on the size of the property. Other services are normally fixed fee based on the effort required to produce quality results.