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Essex Homebuyers - The Quick Sale Estate Agents in Basildon who sell houses and buy houses quickly!


Essex Homebuyers is a family run business based in Basildon, Essex helping homeowners achieve quick sales on their homes. We have been purchasing property for many years in Essex directly from sellers and home owners, since 1978.

Our local knowledge and experience has proved invaluable for many who have wished for a quick sale of their house in Essex.

We are committed to a personal and professional service in every instant, ensuring everyone's needs are fully understood and met.

If you want to speak with us, simply get in touch by filling out the form on the right. We will call you to discuss your needs and aim to work out a solution so you can get on with your life.

Even if you just want some advice about selling your home, give us a call and see if we can help point you in the right direction.


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Area of Business

* Repossession

Essex Homebuyers can stop you from being repossessed; we can arrange to sell your house quickly to avoid the dreaded letter or knock on the door with your repossession order. For our 2011 Definitive Repossession Guide please click here.

* Financial Difficulties

If you have equity in your home, selling up to clear your debts might seem an appealing option. Essex Homebuyers are proceedable buyers, a unique estate agent; not time wasters or window shoppers. For our Mortgage Rescue Scheme please click here.

* Sell your house fast

When you need to sell your home quickly we can will provide you with a quick sale and work to your timescales. Contact us to get started now.

* Bereavement (Probate)

If a member of your family has died recently, the sale of a house to divide money for a will or inheritance as quickly as possible may be desirable. Essex Homebuyers are unique estate agents in Basildon having the ability to arrange house sales much faster than you would find anywhere on the open market or with other private companies, so we may be just what you are looking for.

* Divorce or separation

If you're getting divorced or separated from your partner, you may be going through the stressful process of dividing your property. If you both would like to get your share of the money from the house sale as soon as possible, a quick sale may be particularly appealing.

* Relocation and emigration

Moving overseas to America or some other international destination? Well if you've got your plane tickets booked but are having trouble selling your house before you leave, Essex Homebuyers may be able to help. By buying your house in as quickly as a week, you can have the cash in your bank before relocating or emigrating

* Chain Breaking

With the instability of the property market, unfortunately more and more property sales are falling through before contracts are exchanged or completed. If your buyer has pulled out but you don't want to lose the house you are buying, Essex Homebuyers, the Quick Sale Estate Agents may be able to help.

* Ill Health

If you're having problems with your health, you may be struggling to keep up with payments on your mortgage. Even if you've never fallen into arrears before, lenders can sometimes be far from supportive. Essex Homebuyers may be able to help by purchasing your house from you to free up your cash for medical bills or whatever you want to spend your money on.


* Zero hidden costs
* Zero estate agency fees
* Zero legal fees for you to pay
* Zero costly valuation fees
* Zero further mortgage payments

* A 100% free property valuation
* A completely confidential sale