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Lymington, Hampshire
SO41 9GB

Since 2009

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We are a unique independent agency providing residential investment from an emerging investment vehicle.

Our office is located in the New Forest and we have a base in London and the Channel Islands. We are THE only company providing these products to the marketplace.


Search & Buying Advisor - Investment


We are a team of 5 experienced professionals with Banking, Accountancy and Broker backgrounds.


We do not require accreditation as we are an Intermediary agency.

Area of Business

We offer residential investment with an emerging investment vehicle. We provide 'equity shares' in thousands of properties across the UK at a discount to current market value. If you are a buy-to-let investor or new to residential investment then you need to consider our products. You can purchase a 15-60% equity stake in a property with none of the usual costs involved in owning bricks and mortar (No stamp duty, insurance, maintenance, refurbishment, voids). All the properties are home owner occupied on full repair and insurance terms.

Our equity shares provide for capital appreciation. You can tailor your purchase to your requirements be it location, property type, to maximise your return to capital appreciation and minimize the risk by spreading your investment.

The residential market is set to grow by over 30% in the next 5 years. Residential Investment property outperformed all asset classes in 2009 (Property


Only if you purchase over 100 properties will you be charged a broker fee. Our fees are paid by our suppliers. The only fees you will need to take into consideration are the legal fees involved in transferring the equity share to you and registering the transfer with Land Registry.