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Since 2007

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Full EPC provides fully compliant Energy Performance Certificates (EPC). The Energy Performance Certificate can be produced within 48hrs when required. Weekend inspections can be carried out.

Full EPC can supply the Energy Certificates required for all types of residential and commercial properties.

We do not use any low cost Energy Assessors whose only objective is to complete as many Assessments as possible in the shortest possible time (as that's the only way they can make any money). In the current "Buyers Market" it is vital that your Certificate is accurate because any error in the assessment which results in a higher estimated energy bill and lower Energy rating may be a factor in any difficulty you might have selling your property.


We have a team of accredited, professionally qualified Home Inspectors and Domestic Energy Assessors available to do the EPC Assessment (mandatory). We have admin staff who are qualified in property related matters and can advise on related matters.


All our Assessors are professionally qualified and registered local Home Inspectors (HI) or Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA). We endeavour to use the higher qualified HI where possible as we believe this ensures the highest possible quality and accuracy of the Energy Performance Certificates.

Area of Business

We supply Energy Performance Certificates throughout England and Wales.


Unlike most other EPC supply companies Full EPC does NOT require payment upfront. This was one of Full EPCs unique selling points when selling HIPs (as Full HIP) and remains the same for Energy Certificates.