Hutton + Rostron

Shere Road Netley House
Gomshall, Guildford, Surrey

Since 1966

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Hutton and Rostron are a team of experienced building pathologists and scientists who focus on providing long-term, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to concerns regarding buildings and building materials. With specialist experience in preventing and repairing damage done from damp and decay, Hutton and Rostron work to preserve the original method of construction for many historic properties.


Tim Hutton James Hutton David Watt Peter Bannister Michael Almond Edmund Hutton Peter Monaghan Orian Hutton Peter Collings Clive Stonehill Tim Jordan Andrew Wade Jenny Brown

Area of Business

Architectural Conservation Building Pathology Damp Penetration Damp Surveys Dry Rot Timber Surveys


At a competitive price, we will carry out a minimally invasive investigation of your property, and provide expert independent and environmentally sound advice on cost-effective long-term solutions. Our work is supported by in-house and external specialists and laboratory services, and can be covered by guarantees or collateral warranties.