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Specialists in lease extension and right to manage.
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As owners, you can set up and control a RTM company, which will almost certainly save significant amounts on insurance premiums, repairs and general maintenance - cost effectively improving the appearance and value of your flat investment. Right To Manage does not necessarily mean self-management. At its most basic, the right to manage is simply a transfer of responsibility and decision-making. The difference is that whoever is running your building management now reports to you, not the freeholder. There is only a transfer in the practical day-to-day management of the building if the RTM company decides there should be.


Partners John Hemingway and Malcolm Boyd.


Specialised project managers.

Area of Business

Lease extension: If your lease is becoming short, there may be issues selling or re-mortgaging your flat, so take advantage of the 1993 Leasehold Reform Act (as amended) to add another 90 years to your existing lease - all ground rent free. If your lease has around 80 years remaining, this is particularly important.

Freehold purchase: If you want to actually own the freehold, you may have the right together with a group of fellow lessees to collectively enforce the sale of the building freehold to yourselves.

Right to manage and management company problems: Frequently flat owners are overcharged for inferior services, have neglected maintenance or are surprised by a large assessment. You have several options to remedy the problems - formally Dispute the Charges, Appoint a New Manager, or takeover the entire management with the Right To Manage (RTM) process.


Flat Fees, agreed in advance.
Lease Extension: Our fees for the preparation and service of the Initial Notice Of Claim, deducing Title, and follow-up negotiations are £454. We do not charge an hourly rate, and all fees are clearly specified in writing. After receiving the Notice of Claim, the Landlord may disagree (strangely they always disagree) with the premium offered. Upon your instructions, we will negotiate on your behalf with the Landlord.

Right To Manage: Fees for a building with up to 4 flats are £550, and £50 per flat thereafter. All charges are specified in writing to you and are fixed. There are no 'extras' in any way - we do not charge an hourly rate for this service so leaseholders know exactly where they stand regarding our fees from the beginning.