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Midlands Property Buyers - Coventry and Warwickshire - can buy your house in as little as 24 hours if required. For most people a guaranteed sale is the most important factor and they are usually happy with our standard completion timescale of 3-4 weeks.

We buy your house direct from you with no estate agents or sales staff and your local Area Manager is usually the person who actually buys the property so you know immediately who you will be dealing with all the way through the transaction.

The Area Manager is there to offer as much support and advice as they can and ensure that selling through Midlands Property Buyers is the right decision for you with no pressure tactics, no fees and no obligation. Once you decide to proceed you will find the whole process is surprisingly quick and very smooth relieving much of the stress associated with selling a property.

We offer tailor-made solutions to enable you to sell your house as quickly as you want. No matter what your situation it is worth giving us a call; you may be surprised at some of the solutions we can offer; we don't just 'buy houses'.

Once you have sold, you can move on, stay for a short period, often rent free, whilst arranging your move, or rent back the property on a long term basis.


Our Midlands Office is based in Coventry, Warwickshire.

Your Area Manager is locally based, knows the area well and can respond to your enquiry very quickly - usually the same or next day.


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Midlands Property Buyers has solutions for all your property problems; for some a quick house sale is all that's required but for many the issues are more complex.

Whatever your situation, call us for a free, no obligation discussion. If all you need is a quick property sale, we can do that in as little as 48 hours and we will pay your legal fees. If you have a broken chain, need to sell an investment property or are emigrating and you need a guaranteed sale then give us a call.


None - ever - guaranteed.

No estate agents fee!

We even pay your legal fees on sale!