My Handyman Services

Sydenham Hill Flat 3. Dunton Court
London, Kent
SE23 3PJ

Since 2015

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The vision of the company is to provide repair and installation services for your home and office in London. A team of professionally trained and experienced handymen will work on both large and small projects for your interior and exterior renovations. As the customer is the most important, we fully comply with you and your needs:

- When you have urgent need of a handyman after work
- When you want to quickly start and complete a repair, renovation or just to fix something broken
- When you want quality at reasonable prices

The combination of professional equipment and long experience of the technicians is a guarantee that the service you book will be carried out quickly and efficiently. You will just sit back and relax, confident of the great results.


Our staff is experienced in almost all areas of home improvement and renovation. Below you can see the services we do.


Just drop us a line and we will present you with more information.

Area of Business

- Picture Hanging
- Curtain Fitting
- Blind Fitting
- tv Wall Mounting
- Floor Fitting and Installation
- Carpentry Services
- Electrical Services
- Plumbing
- Furniture Assembly
- Odd Job Services
- Mounting Units and Shelves
- Mirror Fitting and Replacement


- Standart First Hour: £52
- Standard Half Hour: £24

- Sunday appointments:

- First Hour: £64
- Half Hour: £30

- Evening appointments:
-First Hour: £58
-Half Hour: £30