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Cracking the combination

It's pure and simple. You want the best deal. The deal that really suits you, which might mean a low interest rate, it might mean special payment terms, it might mean flexibility. It probably means a combination of these things.

At My Life, we've got access to over 4500 mortgages to choose from. So the odds are we've got the right combination for you.

Strength in independence

My Life has access to a mortgage panel representative of the whole of market. Within our lending panel are some of the leading High Street names including HBOS, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Abbey and many more equally reputable institutions.

Just ask

Even if you think that you won't qualify for a mortgage you may be mistaken. Which is all the more reason to ask for our free, no obligation quote - you could be pleasantly surprised...

As simple as...

Getting started does not have to mean trawling up and down the High Street, weighed down with armfuls of baffling brochures! Simply fill in one form and we take care of the rest


Financial Services & Advice - Mortgage Broker
Financial Services & Advice - Mortgage Broker


All of our staff are highly trained and qualified mortgage advisors.


We are an authorised and regulated firm under the FSA.

Area of Business

We are a whole of market broker that operates throughout the UK and have access to all funding sources.

We provide advice on: Mortgages, First time buyers, adverse mortgage, prime and sub prime, buy to let, commercial and secured loans.


We operate a nationwide free mortgage advice service. If you decide to act on our advice then a fee of between 0% and 2% of the the loan may be charged.