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Since 2009

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No Letting Go is a national Inventory Management company that provides detailed inventories which focus on the condition of all fixtures and fittings within a rented property. We also provide check in and check out services.

All of the reports we produce are typed and include full colour pictures. Although pictures cannot be used in the courts they have proved effective in preventing the tenant taking further action with deposit disputes.

Unlike other inventory management companies, we provide a next day deliver of all reports and offer a late night service to accommodate your professional clients, who are unable to meet during office hours.

As the Tenancy Deposit Scheme protects the tenants deposit, it is essential that all landlords have a professional, detailed and up to date inventory compiled for their property, to ensure that they can withhold any deposit funds where appropriate. Without one a judge will not allow a landlord to withhold a deposit and is therefore leaving himself open to potentially high costs for damages.

To ensure your landlords properties are protected, choose No Letting Go, the national Inventory Management company, trusted by letting agents across the country.


We currently have three members of staff in the Greenwich office and many more nationwide:
Daniella - Manager
Jacqui - Inventory Clerk
Sam - Inventory Clerk


No Letting Go is an inventory management company that is trusted across the country. Please contact me for references.

Area of Business

Inventory make- detailed report of the conditions of all fixtures and fittings within a property, including pictures of every room. This report is typed and bound and has been designed to be easy for the tenant to understand.

Check in- cleanliness report based on the state of a property at the start of a tenancy, including details of damaged items and pictures of areas that tend to cause issues at the end of a tenancy, as proof of condition.

Check out- comparison of the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy from the beginning of the tenancy. This includes a list of all damaged or missing items and a dilapidation's report, which provides an agent with the suggested action to take for a damaged or missing item.

Mid term report- short visit to a property during the tenancy, to check for damage, cleanliness and ensure that the tenancy has not been sub let without permission.


We have competitive rates and we offer incentives for the first few months for new clients. Our price are dependent on the size of the property.