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Pooleford operate within the residential property market and offer a range of bespoke purchase, sale, rental and investment schemes for individuals who are moving home, property investors, property developers and people who are in need of a quick property sale.

We will consider a variety of situations and provide a packaged deal tailored to your particular circumstances meeting your exact requirements and achieving the desired results in the timescale demanded.

For property buyers moving home, property investors and property developers we carry out advertising campaigns and source discounted property deals on a buy to occupy, buy to let or buy to sell basis. These properties may require renovation or may be bought ready for occupation, rent, or sale.

We also provide property leads on an unqualified or qualified basis, and offer to the market ready made deals.

Our property leads and ready made deals service helps a property buyer, moving from one house to another, source a property through an alternative route to the service provided by an estate agency.

Our service also helps property investors and developers build a portfolio quickly and, subject to the particular deal requirements, with minimum investment and effort.

The degree to which a property investor or developer wants to be involved with the property sourcing, negotiation, purchase and development will be down to the particular individual. You may be an armchair property investor or developer or just need help with a particular part of the transaction. Whatever your requirements, Pooleford will work with you to provide a package tailored to your needs.

For first time buyers, individuals relocating and people who need to sell quickly we can help you arrange: a quick house sale and purchase, consider with you, subject to market conditions, the feasibility of a no money down or low money down purchase, rent and save deposit schemes, sitting tenant buyer schemes, rent and buy, rent and buy back, sell and rent back, option contracts or equity release.

If you are looking for rented property Pooleford offer an all in service where the property is found for you and all matters are dealt with on your behalf, right through to moving you into the house. Again, you can take the 'all in service' or Pooleford can work to your instructions and provide a service that fits your particular needs.

Our aim is to work with you in partnership to consider ways we can help you leave behind your current difficulties, reduce your outgoings, ease any financial difficulties, move you on in life and improve your lifestyle.


Search & Buying Advisor - Residential
Search & Buying Advisor - Residential
Search & Buying Advisor - Investment
Search & Buying Advisor - Investment


Property Investment Director - Mark Ford
Property Finance Director - Mark Ford
Property Services Director - Liz Poole
Property Lettings and Property Manager - Sharon Costello
Property Consultant - Les Manton
Property Consultant - Marion Manton

A full team of service providers are also available to our clients from lawyers to builders, from surveyors to property maintenance contractors.


Members of the North Staffordshire Landlords Association
Holders of the Employees Skills Pledge from Business Link

Area of Business

The property market presents to us all various problems and challenges at different times.

Our purpose is to pass on the knowledge and experience we have gained working in property on a daily basis. In doing so, we aim to help as many people as we can by providing solutions to the problems and challenges that will be presented to you.

How can we help you with your property problems and challenges?

We have set out below, for your assistance, a summary of the problem that you may be experiencing and how our services can provide you with a solution.

Our services are 'bespoke' in the sense that a tailored package will be created to fit your particular circumstances. As such, whilst we have set prices for the provision of our services, the fees payable will be discussed at the time of contracting with us and will depend on the level of work involved.

1. Property Sellers

In the current climate it can be very difficult to sell your property quickly to a 'traditional property buyer' and you may wait a long time for the property to sell.

Where you have a pressing problem and you need a quick sale, Pooleford or a registered property investor or buyer will look into providing you with the 'quick sale' solution. In addition, other options can be considered with you, such as option agreements. Selling your property may not always be the only way out.

2. Home Finder Services

The problem that many of us experience when renting or buying property is one of 'time' or lack of it. You may have the money to rent or buy the property but you just cannot afford the time to go and find your ideal home. You are too busy running your business, going to work or dealing with all the issues that arise in your social life.

How am I going to find the time to look for a property to rent or buy and deal with all the administration that comes with it?

This is where Pooleford provide a solution through our 'Home Finder Services' enabling you to leverage our time to do everything from finding the property to moving you into the home, leaving you free to get on with life.

For those that want a more hands on approach our services can be 'cherry picked'. You may wish to deal with a particular part of the transaction and instruct Pooleford to carry out everything else that may be involved. The choice is yours, whatever you decide, we can work alongside you to get the job done using the 'power team' that we have in place, from property finders, negotiators, solicitors to builders and removal services, we have a team in place at your disposal.

3. Property Investors and Developers

The problem that raises its head for someone looking to rent or buy a property can also present itself to a property investor or developer, TIME!

You may have wanted to get into property for some time. You keep telling yourself that you have the money but you do not have the time to invest finding the right property, negotiating the deal, dealing with the conveyancing and renovations right through to the subsequent rental and sale of the property. There is no doubt, from experience, that it is not as easy as some would make out and the process from finding the property through to the subsequent rental or sale of the property can be very time consuming.

Again, Pooleford provide a solution through the 'armchair investor service' enabling you to leverage our time to do everything from finding the property to renting and selling the property, leaving you free to get on with work, your business and life in general.

If you want to be more hands on then, as with the home finder services above, our services can be 'cherry picked'.

4. First Time Buyers

With the ever increasing property prices we have experienced over the last decade and the tightening of the mortgage criteria first time buyers are finding it even more difficult to get onto the property ladder.

Working with Pooleford, a first time buyer can consider the options that are available and a package worked out which works best in the particular circumstances.

There are a number of schemes available to provide the first time buyer with a solution to the problem, but by way of example purchase lease options are proving to be very popular at the moment, allowing a tenant to 'try before you buy'.

5. Estate Agents

In a market where property prices are falling estate agents may experience a reduction in sale figures. To help with this, working with Pooleford allows the property seller to be introduced to a potential buyer and a 'deal struck' that is acceptable to all parties involved.

6. Property Publications

You may be new to property investment or development or have little or no experience of the property market. On the opposite side of the fence, you may have a lot of experience and knowledge of buying, renting and selling property and the way the market works but you want to enhance that experience and knowledge.

Pooleford firmly believes in sharing good quality information that may just make the difference to your property buying, renting and selling experiences. From time to time we will offer to the market property information publications to help you along your path to success.

We believe that we have knowledge and information, which, when shared with you, will be of great value and help to enhance your experience and knowledge of the property market.

Another reason why we would like to share this information is so that we can build a mutually beneficial relationship with you over a long period of time.

The publications will be made available on our 'investment and property publications' page. Be sure to check back periodically for the latest releases, some of which will be provided 'free of charge' as a thank you for showing an interest and joining our property community.


Case specific - discussed at Initial Free Consultation.