Property Result Manchester

Grangethorpe Drive 32
Manchester, Lancashire
M19 2LG

Since 2011

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Property Result Manchester has been helping communities in Manchester for over 18 years. We became established as Limited Company in 2011.

We enable homeowners in Manchester to sell their properties fast by offering cash for homes.


Search & Buying Advisor - Residential
Estate Agent - Residential


Our company is managed by two people - Dwayne Squires and Richard Mews. Both are directors/partners of Property Result. We have a team of professionals who manage the day-to-day sales enquiries.


We are members of the "Landlord Network" and the "The Property Professionals" organisations in the UK.


We do not have any hidden fees for our service. When you submit a valuation request through our website, we will give you our best cash offer after doing some research. This is the amount which will pay for your property at the stage of completion. We will not deduct any sales, commission, or solicitor fees.