Video Inventory Agency

Valley Rise 10
Upper Clatford, Andover, Hampshire
SP11 7LP

Since 2010

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The only nationwide video inventory company (and the official inventory partner of the RLA), our independent services provide irrefutable evidence as to the condition of a property and it's contents, removing virtually all scope for dispute. Video provides much stronger evidence than written inventories alone, and a much more complete visual description than a few still photos. It is very economical and cost effective.


All Staff are fully trained and accredited.


Fully trained inventory clerk.

Area of Business

We produce video and written inventories that compliment each other to produce a very comprehensive report of the condition of a property at any given time. We do full inventory, check-in, check-out and interim inspections of property.


A typical fee for a full inventory of a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom house consisting of 7 rooms would be £70.00.