The information about my property is private information and I would like to have my survey removed.

Personal information is protected by law in the UK under the Data Protection Act and we are in full compliance with it. However, the information we collect about properties is not personal data and our aim is to publish the most transparent data available on UK property for our members.

As a result, we have decided to allow amendments and corrections only to the survey data where it is inaccurate. This has been a difficult decision for us because many people feel strongly that information about their property is personal and whilst we are convinced it is not, we have had to balance that view with the feelings of a large number of our users.

We strongly believe that making this information freely available will benefit more people than it will disappoint and we hope you can respect our decision. If there is any kind of inaccurate data being published by a third party maliciously about your property, we would of course welcome an update from you with accurate information and in this circumstance we will remove inaccurate data.

We can assure you that we always keep the property information separate from personal information and the details provided in the survey are not linked to anyone personally. We don’t publish the names of any users who submit the survey; we only show the relationship they have had with the property.

We believe very strongly and that personal data should remain private, but that the property data belongs to the public domain and our mission is to make this data public.