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What is your fair use policy? / How many searches do I get

As a registered user of OurProperty, you are allowed unlimited searches of our house price data within the confines of our fair use policy.

In essence, this means that you are permitted to make up to 500 searches a week, which we have found is more than any user (personal or professional) would need. If however, you have exceptional reasons and need more than this, then please contact us to discuss the matter.

This policy is in place to ensure that every user can receive a fast, responsive service, and to ensure that we are protected against malicious use of spiders to trawl our data.

To view the full details of the fair use policy, please read our terms and conditions here.

How up to date are your search results?

English and Welsh house prices are supplied based on the date that they are sold. Please note that it can take up to three months for all the sales in a given month to be registered and therefore for us to display the information. Currently our data goes all the way back to the 1st January 1995 and includes data from sales up to .

We have Scottish data back to at least 1998 up to approximately 2 months back from the present date. Unlike the Enlgand and Wales Land Registry, the Scottish Registry does not provide updates so any changes we are informed of we shall update ourselves. This enables us to respond quickly to any errors found.

I put in a postcode that I know exists – no results were returned. Why is this?

It is possible that no houses were sold at that postcode during the period our data covers – our data currently goes all the way back to the beginning of January 1995 so any house sold before this will not be returned in searches. Also, a great deal of data on new-build houses is provided without a postcode, so try using the advanced search function and just putting in the street name and town. If this doesn’t return the address you require, send the search details to us via the error form.

My search didn’t return details of the specific property I was looking for. Why is this?

First of all, make sure that you searched correctly. Secondly, it could be that the property was last sold in the period before our data – our data currently goes back to the beginning of January 1995 so any house sold before this will not be returned in searches.

How do I use the ‘Refine your Search’ tool?

The basic postcode search will bring you back roads very near to your postcode with average sales data from the last two years. You are able to refine your search by using the two dropdown boxes near the top of the results page. In the left hand box you can extend your search radius, you can choose whether to see only properties with your postcode; properties within postcodes with the same first four/five characters of your postcode and properties in your local area.

As well as refining by location you are also able to sort data by date, choosing to show properties in your chosen area over all years back to 2000; only in the last 2 years; or in a specific year between 2000 and 2004. Select your options and click the ‘Refine your Search’ button to either widen or narrow your search.

Why do I only have results from the last two years?

The results of a basic search show sales from the last two years by default. You can refine this search using the ‘refine search’ option which is explained in the question below. You can also used the advanced search function which allows you to specify more details about the property you are looking for allowing you to search using street and town and select specific dates, tenure and house type. For those of you wishing to search the Scottish data pre 2000, you will need to use the advanced search, selecting Scotland and then ticking the ‘show pre May 2000 data’ box.

My search returned too many results – how can I refine this information?

If your postcode search brings back too many results then you may want to refine your search by going to the advanced search page where there are options to search by street, town/city, tenure, house type and date range. You could also use the ‘Refine your Search’ on the results page.

My search brings up an error message, why is this?

It could be that there has been a problem with your registration or account activation – see the “Registration Queries” section for details on how to deal with this. If this is not the case, it could be that you have used all 20 of your free weekly searches.

I have found an error with your data, what should I do?

We are aware that there are some discrepancies with the data that the Land Registry provides us with. If you do happen to come across an error in our data that you wish to report then you can do so by sending as an email via our contact form. Once you have done a search and clicked through on the appropriate road name, at the bottom of the page you will see a “Found an error on this page? Report it here” Link. Once the error has been reported we will pass it onto the Land Registry who will deal with it in due course.

What areas does the search cover?

The search covers the whole of England, Scotland and Wales. The data for England and Wales covers residential sales back to 1st January 1995 and for Scotland we have residential, commercial and land back to at least 1999.

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