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Can I access the property survey data in bulk for research or commercial purposes?

We do not currently have any data products, although we are open to exploring commercial partnerships or academic partnerships which further our goal of providing our users with more transparent access to property information. If you have an idea, please feel free to get in touch.

want to amend/remove the survey from the website. How can I do it?

If the survey you have submitted needs amending or you notice any problems with other surveys displayed on the website, please contact us and our team will help you correct the details. Please note we won’t take any surveys down unless we know them to be inaccurate. We will also remove inaccurate or sensitive information from the Property Summary box on a case by case basis but we won’t remove other property facts purely on a privacy basis.

How accurate are the surveys published on the website?

People other than you, for example previous occupants and neighbours or relatives, can fill out data about a property you own and if this information is out of date, we encourage you to update it. We will always make clear the source of our data so our members can judge the accuracy of each survey on its own merits as our surveys should be independently validated and not be relied upon as fact.

We will make our best attempts to keep the information accurate; we rely on our users to report any inaccuracies. Please use the ‘Report inappropriate content’ link under the survey to bring to our attention any errors or inaccuracies. Also, there is a voting system in place to help vote down inaccurate surveys – each completed survey can be rated as Good or Poor.

The information about my property is private information and I would like to have my survey removed.

Personal information is protected by law in the UK under the Data Protection Act and we are in full compliance with it. However, the information we collect about properties is not personal data and our aim is to publish the most transparent data available on UK property for our members.

As a result, we have decided to allow amendments and corrections only to the survey data where it is inaccurate. This has been a difficult decision for us because many people feel strongly that information about their property is personal and whilst we are convinced it is not, we have had to balance that view with the feelings of a large number of our users.

We strongly believe that making this information freely available will benefit more people than it will disappoint and we hope you can respect our decision. If there is any kind of inaccurate data being published by a third party maliciously about your property, we would of course welcome an update from you with accurate information and in this circumstance we will remove inaccurate data.

We can assure you that we always keep the property information separate from personal information and the details provided in the survey are not linked to anyone personally. We don’t publish the names of any users who submit the survey; we only show the relationship they have had with the property.

We believe very strongly and that personal data should remain private, but that the property data belongs to the public domain and our mission is to make this data public.

I have just completed the Survey. What happens next?

Great, thanks for that. We will publish your data on our site on our next update which can take up to 24 hours but normally happens in minutes. Other people will be able to rate the accuracy of your survey and add their own survey about the same property once it is live.

As a member who has helped us you will also automatically have access to the benefits highlighted in the previous question.

If you wish to view your own survey(s) or would like to complete a survey for another property, please go to the ‘Surveys’ section in your account control panel.

The information collected by the Survey will also be used in statistical form and published in research documents in the future.

Why should I fill out the Survey?

By filling out the Survey you’ll get access to these features:

  • Access to previously unreleased pre-2000 sold house price data, back to 1995, for free. This information is available exclusively to members who have taken the survey.

  • Access to the results of the Surveys on other properties as soon as they become available. You can view surveys completed by other users and find out the number of bedrooms or receptions a given property has.

We also hope you will complete the survey to support our company. We are working hard to improve the web site for our users and any data you can provide will really help us make the UK property market a more transparent place.

Is participation in the Survey obligatory?
No, you don’t have to fill out the Survey to carry on using our website; you can still access the majority of house price data free of charge.
What is the Survey? is the largest property site in the UK by active subscribers with 1.8 million. Since we launched in 2005 our members have been asking us for more property information in addition to what we provide about sold house prices. We decided to launch a survey of every property in the UK to improve the amount of information we offer. We have waited for the launch until we had a large number of users so the survey data would be really useful. We have had great feedback about it and now have over 85,000 properties covered and thousands more are being added every month. The information collected will also be used to build a statistical picture of the UK property market. By participating you will also be able to get access to the most up to date sold price information on homes across the UK which sold before 2000, free of charge. Back to the top