What was your house worth in 1995? Find out first with OurProperty.co.uk

10th November 2008

(Aldershot, UK) OurProperty.co.uk is the first to release new data which means that anyone can find out the price that any house in England and Wales sold for since 1995 online, for free. OurProperty.co.uk has provided nosy neighbours, property professionals and house hunters with access to sold house prices dating back to 2000 for England, Wales and Scotland since the site first launched in 2005. The extra 5 million property prices released today takes the total number of sold prices available on the site to 16.2 million. The new data aims to improve the site and give members a long term picture of property prices in England and Wales. The site uses data from the Land Registry and the Registrars of Scotland to give accurate information on how much houses have sold for. The new data aims to improve the site and give members a long term picture of property prices in the UK. “Until today it was impossible to access sold house price data prior to 2000 for free. This new data should empower buyers and sellers, which is especially important at the moment as the housing market is in decline. It’s also great for being nosy and finding out what your friends and neighbours paid for their house if they bought it before 2000.” ~ Brendan McLoughlin, founder, OurProperty.co.uk. — Notes to editors OurProperty.co.uk was the first website to offer sold UK house prices from the Land Registry for free. The site launched in 2005 and now has a total of 2 million members, averaging 30,000 unique visitors a day. Anyone can access regional statistics on house prices in England, Wales and Scotland online for free. In order to gain access to the pre 2000 data OurProperty.co.uk members will need to take the OurProperty.co.uk Survey. This is a short questionnaire about our users houses, which aims to be the biggest UK property survey, and give the clearest picture of the UK housing market. Where possible, please link to OurProperty.co.uk in online articles. OurProperty.co.uk is one of 100 money-saving websites from www.Fubra.com. Check out our other sites – www.PetrolPrices.com and www.HousePriceCrash.co.uk. — Louise Doherty Spokesperson OurProperty.co.uk e: support@ourproperty.co.uk w: www.ourproperty.co.uk p: 0844 816 0025