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Buying, Selling & Finding

Need legal advice for your property sale or purchase? Our guide explains the professional's role in the process and gives advice on finding a lawyer and how much they might cost.
Selling your commercial property? Make yourself familiar with the role of a business transfer agent by reading our guide.
Planning on selling or buying at auction? Our auctioneer guide will explain the whole process.
Selling your home? Find out what to expect from your estate agent before putting your house on the market.
Time to take out a mortgage? Read our guide explaining what a mortgage broker does and they can help you.
Need finance for a business or a buy to let property? This guide explains who may be able to help and what to look out for.
Baffled by the taxes associated with buying and selling? Our guide will explain the basics and tell you how a tax and trust specialist can help you further.
Need a helping hand with your finances? Read our accountants guide so you are in the know before hiring.
Time to write your will and don't know where to start? Enlist the help of a will writer, our guide explains the basics and where to go for further advice.
Having problems selling your house? Running out of time? Learn how a home staging or sales advisor could help prepare your property for a speedier sale.
Considering a housing association property? Read our introduction to housing associations for information about what they do, who they house and what to expect from the service.
Have a property to let? Read our letting agent guide which explains how an agent can help you and how to find and choose a good agent.
Thinking of buying a new build? Our new home developer guide explains the process and advises what to look out for.
Need a property manager for your rental property? This guide will explain the services offered and costs involved.
If you are after a more specialised service when buying your next property, you may consider employing a search and buying advisor.
Time for your property survey? Find out exactly what a surveyor does and might cost before hiring one.
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Planning & Design

Aerial photographs of your property could help your sale. Our Aerial Surveys & Photographers guide will tell you all you need to know.
Thinking of hiring an architect? Our guide will explain the process and tell you what to look out for.
Does your home need a make over? Learn what an interior designer could do for you in our guide.
Thinking of buying and developing land? Read our guide for information about what a land developer can help you with.
Need a land survey? Our land surveyor guide will explain when a survey is needed, the land surveying process and the different types of surveyors available.
Got grand designs for your gardening projects? You may require the services of a landscape architect and designer. Our guide will explain the services on offer.
When might you need a landscape contractor? Read our guide to find out about what they do and how to go about hiring one.
Need the advice of a planning consultant? Our guide gives you an introduction into what planning consultants do and how to go about hiring one.
A guide about hiring a project manager, where to find one and how much their services may cost.
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Building & Construction

Feeling the cold? Read our introduction to central heating services to find out what's on offer and how to go about finding someone for the job.
Electrics need some attention? Our guide explains when you would need an electrician, how much it may cost and what you can do yourself.
Building a chimney or need your current chimney repaired? Our guide will help you find the best person to carry out your chimney maintenance.
Want secure parking at home? Find out all you need to know about having a garage or carport built before you get started.
Fancy a garden hideaway or need some extra space? Our guide to having a garden shed built should give you all the information you need.
Keeping the gutters on your property clear and well maintained is essential. This guide offers plenty of useful tips for all types of guttering.
Need an irrigation system for your garden? Our guide to Irrigation Services will help you choose the right system and find a company to carry out the work.
Thinking of laying a driveway or patio? Find out about all the paving options available and get advice on hiring a professional to do the job.
Considering a pond or water feature for you garden? This guide will take you through the essentials before you get started.
Interested in alternative energy generation? We explain how solar power works and how to go about installing it in your home.
Thinking of installing a hot tub in your back yard? Our guide will give you an introduction to what's involved.
Thinking of splashing out? Before you consider a building a swimming pool at home read our guide and learn the basics.
Thatched roof needs attention? Our guide explains the thatching process, the different types of thatch available and the costs involved.
Keep your home dry and damp free with advice from our waterproofing services guide.
New windows or a conservatory? Our Glass Supply & Installation guide gives advice on having new windows, doors and conservatories fitted in your home.
Wall or ceiling need resurfacing? Read up on how a plasterer could help you and understand the plastering process before you hire someone.
Blocked toilet? Leaking taps? Broken boiler? A plumber can carry out a range of jobs and our guide explains when you might need one and advice for hiring a good plumber.
Does you roof need some attention? Our guide will give you the basics needed to hire a quality roofer for the job.
Keep your house safe and secure. This guide takes you through all the home security options available.
Learn how to correctly dispose of your different types of household waste by reading our waste disposal guide.
Need to hire a carpenter? Familiarise yourself with the different types of wood craftsmen there are available, what jobs they may do and what qualifications to look for.
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Finishing, Decorating & Furnishing

Have a design in mind? Need the perfect piece to fit your room? A furniture designer can help, read our guide for information about their services.
Favouite old antique in need of a facelift? Read up on what a Furniture Repairer & Restorator can do before hiring one for the job.
Windows need dressing up? Curtain, Blind, Awning & Canopy Fitting and Services explained here.
Electrical appliances misbehaving? Here are some tips to help you find out what might be wrong and how to go about getting them fixed.
Chipped bath? You may need the services of an enameller, read our guide to find out more.
Carpets in a mess or need replacing? Our carpet services guide will explain the process and inform you of the various carpeting options available.
Smarten up your flooring. Our wood flooring guide will introduce all the different flooring options on offer, explain the process and give you an idea of the cost.
Thinking of improving your home entertainment? This guide takes you through all the options and advice on choosing a consultancy.
Thinking of having a new kitchen fitted? Our guide to kitchen services covers all the angles and will help you choose a good company for the job.
Does your home need brightening up? Find out about the different lighting options on offer in our lighting services guide.
Need welding or ornamental metal work done? This guide will give you an introduction to the services on offer.
Time to give your walls a facelift? Read this guide before hiring a painter and decorator for the job so and become familiar with the process and costs.
Got a tiling job that needs doing? Learn about the tiling process and get advice on hiring a professional in our tiler guide.
Want to renew the life of your antique armchair? Learn what an upholsterer can do for you and how much it might cost.
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Property Maintenance & Management

Give your patio a new lease of life! Learn about the blast cleaning process in our blast cleaning services guide.
Refurbishment necessary? Our building refurbishment & restoration contractor guide will explain what to expect from these services.
Soot need clearing? Everything you need to know about having your chimney swept before hiring someone for the job.
Too busy to spring clean? Get someone to do it for you. We explain how to go about finding cleaning services and what to expect.
Blocked drain? Find out what to do next and who can help you in our Drain & Sewer Clearance Services guide.
Make sure your electrical appliances are safe. This guide explains the importance of getting appliances tested and who can do the job for you.
Revamp your garden with trendy decking, a new lawn or patio. A guide to giving your garden a facelift and the services on offer.
Thinking of renting? Read about the role of a landlord and the renting process before signing your tenancy.
Renting a property out? You may require the services of an inventory clerk. This guide will give you an introduction to the services offered and explains what an inventory covers.
Locked out? Our locksmiths guide explains what services a locksmith can provide, what to look out for and what it might cost.
Gutting the bathroom? Clearing the garden? You may want to hire a skip, read our guide to see what options are available and what it might cost you.
Want to bring your leather sofa back to life? Our suede and leather cleaner guide goes through the cleaning options and offers advice on finding a professional for the job.
Timber in a state? Identify common timber problems with our guide and get an understanding of the treatments before hiring a timber preservation specialist?
Don't have the right tool for the job? It may be easier and more economical to hire it, read our tool services guide for information and price guidelines.
Smashed window? Cracked patio door? Our window repairs guide provides useful repair advice and tips on hiring a professional to do the job.
Trouble with woodworm? Our guide will explain how to recognise the problem, what damage it can cause and how to go about getting it controlled.
Reduce waste, create a wormery and home compost. Our guide explains why and what you should compost and how to get started.
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Property Articles

Always dreamt of life on the water? Our buying a houseboat guide looks at all the options available.
Thinking of buying a Victorian property? We guide you through the styles and features and offer handy tips and advice.
Noise pollution becoming a problem? Soundproof your home for a more peaceful neighbourhood.
Forking out for a survey for your new property? Find out exactly what is involved and what type of survey you may need.
Itching to get your hands on a property quickly and cheaply at auction, but how does it all work?
Something in the water? We look into why property prices are higher in spa towns across the UK.
If you're looking for a place with plenty of character and an enviable city address, a mansion flat could be a great move for you.
Buying property often means getting a mortgage. This article explains all the confusing mortgage jargon in simple terms.
A loft conversion can create an extra room, make use of wasted space add value to your property but what are the pros and cons of converting the attic.
If you're desperate to get on the property ladder, be sure to take a look at our guide to options for first time buyers.
Moving house is notoriously stressful and there is always a lot to remember. Keep on top of everything with a moving checklist.
If you are looking for something a little more unusual, or a long term renovation project, buying a loft apartment or converted office or factory space could be perfect for you.
The big move may be one of the most stressful events in your life but we have plenty of tips to reduce the stress of moving and help things run smoothly.
After a historical home? Find out the pros and cons of buying a tudor home.
Housing association tenant or council tenant? Find out more about exchanging your council house.
Using the right colour scheme, flooring and furniture call help to make a small room appear larger.
Thinking about buying a bungalow? Our guide is packed with useful information for anyone considering single-storey living.
If you're finding that escalating house prices are pricing you out of the first time buyers' market, shared ownership could be a great solution.
Thinking of buying a barn conversion? We look at the issues involved in buying barn conversions and offer helpful advice for potential buyers.
Thinking of buying with a friend or family member? We look at the pros and cons and what is involved.
You can make a significant contribution to cutting global carbon emissions by taking a few simple steps to make your home eco-friendly.
Ten useful tips on how to save energy at home and reduce your bills without going to to much effort!
Completed the sale and ready to move into your first home? What essentials will you need and when is it best to buy them?
Viewing a house can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming parts of the moving experience so make sure you get the most out of every property viewing.
Are you building a conservatory? This guide will take you through the steps and explain the ins and outs of adding a conservatory to your property.
Concerned about home security? This article offers advice and tips on how to keep your home and property secure and safe.
Considering extending underground? Our guide to basement conversions will provide you will the facts you need to get started and tips on what to look out for.
To buy or not to buy? That is the question. First time buyers are being warned off getting onto the ladder due to increasing costs, but is this the right advice and what are the other options?
Are you intrigued by underground living? Our guide sheds light on this unusual phenomenon.
Feng Shui is a Chinese belief system that can establish balance and harmony in your home or office. Find out what Feng Shui can do for your property.
Ready to move? Maybe you shoud check this article first, and read some usefult tips about moving.
Buying and renovating a rundown property can be an exciting challenge. Are you ready for it?
First impressions really do count and making some small improvements to your property before the for sale board goes up could really encourage a quick sale.
With house prices rising, the cost of moving has increased too. We look at all the areas where you will need to spend when making your next move.
With growing environmental concerns and rising energy prices more and more people are turning to home energy generation. We look at the various home options available.
Want to bring the original woodwork in your home back to life. Our guide offers DIY advice and tips on hiring someone for the job.
Is your garage just wasted space? Why not convert the garage into extra living space, a larger kitchen or home office.
Could lease options on property be an affordable option for struggling first-time buyers?
Thinking of buying a country house conversion? We look at the issues involved in buying country house conversions and offer helpful advice for potential buyers.
Extensions, loft conversion, new bathroom or kitchen? What are the top ten home improvements to add value to your property?
Is living in a converted church your idea of heaven above? Our guide offers advice on how to find such a space as well as tips on doing the conversion yourself.
First time buyer struggling to understand the process? Our simple step by step guide to the buying process will explain it all from getting the mortgage to moving in.
Quaint thatched cottage? Historic Tudor house? What does buying a listed property really involve?
Although the bathroom might not be a redecorating priority, our guide shows you why giving your bathroom a facelift might really make a difference.
Do you work from home? Need to set up a home office? This guide will show you how to set up a home office and create the best working environment possible.
Replacing carpet with wood flooring can revamp a room and add value to your home. Our wood flooring guide will help you get started and explain the options available.
Are you thinking about buying an apartment? Our thorough guide offers advice on every step, from choosing a location to making an offer.
It can be difficult to make a large room seem cosy but with the correct lighting, decoration, furnishings and design you can create the perfect, comfortable space.
Thinking about buying a penthouse? Our guide outlines everything a prospective buyer might need to know about moving into these high-end properties.
Are you selling or buying a house and not sure what to do about your fixtures and fittings? Our guide will take you through the basics.
Thinking of buying a semi-detached house? This guide looks at all the pros and cons of this property type and runs you through the buying process.
What are the pros and cons on buying a terraced house?
Buildings and contents insurance explained, what is the difference and what you would be covered for.
Thinking of buying a newly built home? We look at the pros and cons of new properties and what to look out for.
You will come in contact with a variety of professionals when buying or selling your property so make sure you are clued up as to who does what.
The UK buy to let market is booming. If you are considering a buy to let investment, read our article for some useful tips.
Extending your property can provide you with some extra space as well as significantly increasing the value of your home. Take a look at our guide to building an extension for some helpful advice on all aspects of the process, from conception to completion.
Buying or selling property can be an exciting experience, but it can also be frustrating and bewildering. This article explains all the confusing property jargon in simple terms.