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"I have found it very useful to track actual sale prices - one due up on my road next month - and will be particularly useful when we sell/downsize in a couple of years. Thanks."Colin from York9th March 2017
"Yes, your service is very useful. We have recommended you a number of times to date, as a resource for people, mainly friends, looking for property to move into or just move house within in our area."Roger16th February 2017
"Thanks for this. Yes, the service is very useful for me. I am not sure if other websites offer the same detail for multiple postcodes, but I have not needed to look as yours offers what I need. "A. Mc.10th January 2017
"Thank you - we find the information you provide very useful in keeping an eye on the market."John7th November 2016
"It's so easy to complain so breaking the mold, thanks for all your efforts, I always look out for these emails!"Rob17th June 2016
"Yes the service is useful. I enjoy the updates and it keeps me abreast of house prices in the area so if we are buying any more investment properties we can calculate a realistic price for the property. "Jayne4th May 2016
"Many thanks for the information, I do appreciate your excellent service. I run the local rural website so I am able to keep people informed as it is quite a remote location here and the property below has generated a lot of interest locally."Phil18th November 2015
"Love this site look forward to every month to see what you come up with, been with you right from start and would miss it so much."Anne6th November 2015
"Thank you. It's very nice to know how the property market is doing."Jen2nd October 2015
"Thank you, Brendan. It's very interesting to see what house prices are doing in other parts of the country as well as local to my postcode."Julian16th September 2015
"I just wanted you to know that I think your site is brilliant so thank you!"John20th August 2015
"Thanks for all the info over the past years, I still enjoy the information you send to me."Irvin21st July 2015
"We just wanted to say how much we value and enjoy your reports, keep up the good work. Many thanks!"Carole and Andy15th June 2015
"Thank you for your June update. I thought I should write and thank you for this service, which I find of great interest each month. "John15th June 2015
"I find your emails with information most helpful. I also like that the information that you provide is very up to date."Satisfied Subsbriber15th June 2015
"Just to say thanks for all the work you do. It makes fascinating reading and a nice warm feeling knowing, I am worth more each year (as long as I trade down!)."J.J.12th May 2015
"Brendan, many thanks! Your website is great, so much better than when I joined. I always look forward to your email. Many thanks, again!"John9th April 2015
"Yes, very interesting information, fantastic for when searching for property."Nia30th March 2015
"I find your site very helpful and very useful. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks!"Mike27th March 2015
"I check my report every month to see what is happening locally, especially if I have seen a board outside a house of interest, and it helps keep an eye on what one's own property may be worth"Mary19th March 2015
"Once again many thanks for your email on property prices in my area. I find them very interesting and helpful."David12th March 2015
"Thanks for your Property site which improves with age. Having friends + relatives all over the U.K. it is great to keep up with recent sales and prices, so that when considering a move I'm fully clued-up."Steve5th March 2015
"Thanks for your Property site which improves with age. Having friends + relatives all over the U.K. it is great to keep up with recent sales and prices, so that when considering a move I'm fully clued-up."Steve5th March 2015
"Thanks Brendan, it's such a useful service you offer, as it gives me an 'idea' of how much our property is worth. We are going to put the house up for sale in the Spring so this service is great. "Christine22nd December 2014
"I love getting your local Property Sales Updates. Keep up the great works as it is much appreciated."Gary25th November 2014
"Your site is excellent. Being in a foreign land, it is wonderful having a monthly update of house movements in one's native heath. Thank you, you do a great job. "Lex14th October 2014
"Your property updates are both useful and interesting. They provide a realistic guide as to what either my son or I might expect if we were to consider a move in the medium term."Jan7th October 2014
"Brilliant site; good to be kept informed of local prices. Keep up the good work!"Lee3rd October 2014
"Thanks Brendan, I like to keep up with what's going on locally and where we used to live. Thanks for that, great website, too!"Kenneth3rd October 2014
"Many thanks for the email and all the others you have sent. It provides me with regular information on where I live, being a previous estate agent and long term landlord this is valuable information."Jonathan3rd October 2014
"Brilliant - thank you. I have my house up for sale so this is good for me."Patricia3rd October 2014
"Thanks for keeping me up-to-date - I am not always able, or needing to, use your site but be assured you have the best one going and a pleasure to use."Robert6th August 2014
"Keep up the good work, these updates of sales are great for keeping an eye on what's selling in the area and the prices, etc. Thanks and keep them coming."Nev31st July 2014
"Am finding your service very useful - great to keep track of the property movement close to my home. "Karen26th June 2014
"Just love your updates - keep them coming."Christine6th May 2014
"This is very useful - thank you. I note that prices are rising, so this helps me with knowing when to put my house on the market."Francesca6th May 2014
"Thanks for this, nice to know which direction properties are going. Saves me precious time hunting around. Many thanks."Jean7th March 2014
"(...) yes I do find the service you offer excellent because it is ever useful to keep up to date with the prevailing housing market."Roger18th February 2014
"Many thanks for the recent house sales figures. I would just like to let you know that I think the information is very useful in keeping abreast of the housing market and house prices. Please keep up the good work, it is an excellent site, something you should be very proud of."John13th February 2014
"Thank you for your updates for our area. While we are not quite ready to move they keep us abreast of the market. It also helped our daughter who recently moved back to the area."Jim13th February 2014
"I find your service very interesting, a good place to make comparisons and establish local benchmarks. "Dennis13th February 2014
"Many thanks for your email. Your website has been most useful to me as I have sold my own house and will be moving to a new property in the new year."Pam from Orpington , Kent17th December 2013
"Thanks for this information, I am unsure as to why I have overlooked this information previously as this as a tool for me is excellent. I have recently incorporated a business in residential lettings and foresee that his may be useful in marketing recently bought to let properties. "Shane13th December 2013
"I was one of the first people to use the site and have used it continually to advise family, friends and work colleagues. It has proved to be invaluable and helped with both selling and buying property."Paul4th October 2013
"The service is really useful as we are in the throws of moving - it has given a good insight to property prices and what we should be paying. "Bob4th October 2013
"Thanks very much indeed for your updates in Sutton and Little Weighton. It is an excellent service, and very kind of you to keep us in touch with the sales details."Merrill23rd September 2013
"Extremely useful - especially as I have just put my house on the market, so it's really good to see how prices are at the moment. Thanks"Mandy6th September 2013
"Thank you for keeping me updated with the recent sales, the service is most useful and I appreciate your help."Roger5th September 2013
"As usual, thanks great info, you have your finger on the pulse. Really useful, thanks."Mel4th September 2013
"Your site is always very helpful and informative."Fraser2nd September 2013
"I read all of the updates, and find them both interesting and useful. Keep up the good work. "Andrew26th August 2013
"I hope many other people, like myself, very much appreciate you keeping us up to date with property prices in our areas. I also hope that, from time to time, they take the trouble to tell you how much your information is appreciated."John9th August 2013
"Thank you again, Brendan. These updates on local properties are so useful."Terry7th August 2013
"Brendan, thank you for the updates; very handy as my son is looking to buy his 1st house."John17th July 2013
"I find this is one of the best services I have used if not the best. So I will always use it."Henry11th June 2013
"In the past I signed up to it when purchasing property and found it very useful, I have found it interesting rather than useful since then, I'm considering selling now though and it is once again useful. A really handy service, particularly for buyers and sellers, so many thanks."Rebecca28th May 2013
"I moved recently and it pleases me to see that I did not pay more than the going rate for my property. My ex will soon be selling her place and your guide is a good price guide for her. "Kevin19th March 2013
"Thank you very much it is a very helpful site, especially as we are going to put our house on the market this year."Francesca7th March 2013
"It is always useful to monitor local house prices. We might get to a downsizing decision in a few years time and your information will help that."John6th March 2013
"Many thanks for your very valuable info which has helped me make a good sale and an excellent purchase in the currently tricky property market."Jean6th December 2012
"I do find it useful as a way to keep tabs on the property price fluctuations in the area. "Jennifer5th November 2012
"I've been with this site since you started and it is just as good and relevant as the day it was launched. Always read it and it always provides useful info. Thanks for keeping this communication going. "Rob5th November 2012
"Thank you, I love the info you send."Maggie2nd November 2012
"Many thanks Brendan, always interesting to receive your updates to see what is happening in the property market."Colin8th October 2012
"Always look forward to your mails and viewing what properties are doing. Thank you so much."Joanie5th October 2012
"I know that at age 76 I won't be selling in fact, I will be leaving my house to my children and as such I only look on your site with interest (and a wee bit noseyness) but I have to say it keeps getting better and more professional all the time. I can remember the earlier site some years ago. You are getting to have the look of a National Company. You seem to be on the ball with changing trends, changing legislation and current economic constraints etc. Well done again."Bob7th August 2012
"Thank you. Your site remains of high interest and much appreciated."Graeme17th July 2012
"Thank you very much for your mail to date. Although I am currently not in a position to buy a house, your information is very interesting and useful, if I may say so. I sincerely hope that I will continue to receive updates. "Jeet12th July 2012
"I thought I ought to thank you for all the information you have supplied over the years. It has been very useful, I don't know how you manage it. Thank you very much and long may you continue."John11th May 2012
"Your site is without doubt one of the best and most accurate and also has a personal touch. The big boys Countrywide, GSPC and Slater Hogg could take a leaf out of your book, Brendan."Bob9th May 2012
"Yes your service is very useful and when i have had a change made to my subscription it has always been very efficient. Excellent!"Alcina20th April 2012
"Thank you once again for updating me. I am looking for a house about £650,000/£700,000, so it is good to know what has been sold and for how much they are going for. I am downsizing from a 6 bedroom, three bathroom, to a four bedroom and 2 bathroom. Will keep looking. Thank you so much again, fabulous website. "Francesca19th April 2012
"I love the service. I originally subscribed when I was looking to buy my current house 4 years ago and have found it very reassuring to see the data regularly during the house price roller coaster since then! Thanks. "Sarah15th February 2012
"I am very happy with your service. I get regular updates from you and the information is absolutely useful for anyone hoping to acquire a property in the area they are hoping to relocate to. It gives me confidence to put in offers which might be reasonable for the potential seller and affordable to my budget. Without your information, I would be slightly in the dark about the price ranges which properties sell for at the moment. Thanks again."Susan9th February 2012
"Many thanks for your excellent updates! I am trying to buy a flat in Surbiton and it helps a lot."Liz14th November 2011
"Thank you for the continuous property sales data update in my area. It really helps to have an overview, particularly when one is assessing the realities of possible future housing relocation."Rod12th October 2011
"It is very useful, as I am hoping to move and want to get an idea of prices, thank you very much for this service."Francesca14th September 2011
"Many thanks - you are a diamond at keeping me up-dated and it is very much appreciated, mate. "Bob13th September 2011
"Thank you, as always, for these updates. I am currently considering relocation, so your emails are particularly useful at this time."Alun13th September 2011
"Thought I should just let you know that I really appreciate these monthly updates - keeps me on my toes and acts as a very good reminder."George12th September 2011
"That is so so helpful, I have a property in Edinburgh Avenue so I am able to see how much one went for like mine. Thank you very much for your help."Shirley8th August 2011
"Yes, I find this service very useful; good to keep up-to-date with the value of similar properties to ours. "Caroline13th July 2011
"Again, many thanks, I am always delighted to receive your updates."Carole12th July 2011
"It is a helpful site and helps to give a good estimation of a property's current market value before you call in the estate agents... who will tell you anything!"Annette12th July 2011
"Thank you once more for your info on the latest house sales in my area. It is the very best site I have and so informative."Terry14th June 2011
"Many thanks for sending me this information every month, I'm always interested to see it and I think you provide a very good service. "Philip10th June 2011
"Thanks for the update Brendan. You have a very good web site."Marilyn10th June 2011
"Just a quick note to thank you for the regular updates. It's a great way to keep up to date on what is happening with the property prices in the area, and very useful information. Thanks again and best regards."Ken6th June 2011
"Many thanks Brendan. It is nice to keep up to date on the prices in the areas selected, your information is appreciated."June13th May 2011
"Your site is great, as a property developer I love catching up on the latest sales in the area. Keep up the good work!!"Monty12th May 2011
"Yes it's very useful, it helps me to keep an eye on the property prices in my area and also the uk as a whole - much better to do my own analysis than to believe the media! Thank you for your help. "H.F.12th April 2011
"Thank you for your mail, I find your information very welcome and informative, I always look forward to your updates, and whenever I may consider a move myself, I will consider doing my business through you. Much appreciated, thank you."David1st April 2011
"Thanks for the email prompt. I think it is a very good website and compliment you on setting it up."Jack8th March 2011
"Fantabulous - thanks - just goes to show how East Anglia holds its prices (...). Thanks again and regards."Jean7th March 2011
"I really look forward to your emails, and with the national coverage I have also been able to advise friends and relatives from time to time - it's an excellent resource. Thanks again."Brian3rd March 2011
"The service is invaluable to me, as its good to see what the house price market is doing in the area, so that future planning can be made."Ally11th February 2011
"Thanks Brendan. Always interested in your updates, they are extremely useful for me. "Terry10th February 2011
"I would like to thank you for the excellent service you provide by sending me the sales updates every month. It is especially important to keep on top of things in the current market place and has served me well in the past when buying property."Iris10th February 2011
"Your property site is by far the easiest and the best to view."Norman10th February 2011
"Many thanks for all the VERY helpful information and the work on much improved presentation. Great. "Richard2nd February 2011
"Yes, I do find the service useful. I own three properties which I rent out locally and property values are therefore of particular interest to me and your service tells me precisely what the selling prices have been."Martin13th December 2010
"Thanks for another year of wonderful service from a great caring public facing company."Eileen13th December 2010
"Thank you so much for the accurate and timely property information that you have repeatedly provided over the past years – it has been extremely helpful. Please keep up the good work as it most appreciated."Peter8th December 2010
"We have been on the database since it started and, despite various newspaper articles and hype, we have always found your figures to reflect the actual state of affairs! Thanks."Mary3rd December 2010
"I must say that the new layout is a big improvement and is very clear and concise."John30th November 2010
"Thank you for that it is so helpful – trying to get to know what is going on with house prices, especially in the areas that you are associated with. "Shirley30th November 2010
"Just to say how I very much appreciate your excellent service. I have been “silent” for months as usual but I read your updates with great interest every time. Just wanted to say a big thanks! Best of good luck for the future, and keep the good work going!"Robin30th November 2010
"Thank you very much for your regular emails. I have recently extended my house and your regular emails provide a great opportunity to keep an eye on the market on the sold property prices. Although I am not in property business but I do look forward to receiving your emails. Thank you for providing this service especially as it is free of charge!"Talhat30th November 2010
"Brendan, just a note to say thank you very much for your monthly emails. I enjoy keeping up with all the info you send me."David15th November 2010
"We continue to be impressed by your excellent website, please keep it going, it's always welcome."Barrie10th November 2010
"Many thanks, I love getting your newsletter. The house next door to us has just been sold and we cannot wait to see the price! Keep up the good work."Richard9th November 2010
"Yes, I have been a member of your site for quite a while now and have always found it to be very useful and informative. I hope that you continue to go from strength to strength, a lot more people need to realise what a help it can be, especially when contemplating moving house and gauging "real" house prices!"Gill20th October 2010
"Your property site is very helpful, as we are trying to sell a flat, we bought at the wrong time for my son."Ken18th October 2010
"I am curious so house prices interesting and petrol prices very useful. Thanks"Mary8th October 2010
"I have found the service useful, especially when we moved house 12-18 months ago. And now just keep an eye on what's happening regarding the market. I have recommended you to several friends as well:)"Diane7th October 2010
"Many Thanks. I'm not thinking of buying or selling at the moment but it's always interesting to follow what the market is doing. "Neil7th October 2010
"Yes, very useful - I am based in Spain and let out my property. I have been tracking price movements for the some time now and will sell when the time is right, hence your data is very helpful."Jim16th September 2010
"Yes indeed we are most grateful for the info you give us. It's good to check our assessments with the Real Thing. We get big surprises in both directions!"Gerry15th September 2010
"Very useful. I used the information you send, to buy a house and I am intending to develop property in the next couple of years and will use the info to hopefully purchase several others. "Elaine3rd September 2010
"I really appreciated the info you send me on a monthly basis, but I don't get to thank you for your hard work, so I thought I will drop you a line to say thank you. Keep the good work."Suleman2nd September 2010
"Thanks again, and thanks for this great website which gives me hours of enjoyment and is a good source of information when I need it."Rosie23rd August 2010
"Let me say I find your service very helpful, I run a property company in Scotland and find your site excellent."John13th August 2010
"Thank you for the email confirmation. I find the information very interesting and useful. It keeps me in touch with the market in my area with ease!"Jill30th July 2010
"Many thanks for your regular updates. I think the new site is very pleasant and clear to view and manage. Excellent!"Gill6th July 2010
"I like the new format - easier to scan for the "important info" (i.e. sale prices) which in turn encourages me to scan the rest! "Mrs M14th June 2010
"Yes, I do like the new format. Although I never respond to your emails, I am very interested in continuing to receive your regular updates as this keeps me up to date on movements in our area."Vanessa8th June 2010
"Like your new improved layout and professional format. Usual high standard site that ticks all the boxes. Will tell friends and neighbours who might be interested."Bob8th June 2010
"Thanks for this, I read emails on my iPhone and all the properties link to google maps street view, fantastic. Love the info and layout plus prices updated very quickly, great local info for tracing current market."Kevin8th June 2010
"You have a GREAT website. Really like the new format! Keep it up! Many thanks for all your hard work and we wish you every success for the future."Ian8th June 2010
"Just to let you know I think the new format looks great. Easy to see all the main details, just what you need to know."Frances4th June 2010
"I like the new layout, very easy to find what you are looking for."Glen4th June 2010
"A much better format. Clear, concise and instantly legible."Jack4th June 2010
"Congratulations on improving a reporting format which was pretty damned good in the first place."Philip4th June 2010
"Thanks for continuing to send me updates on the housing market, being a nosey biddy I love to find out what people in my area have sold their houses for. Love the new format. Keep up the good work. "Sandra3rd June 2010
"Many thanks for the email and regular updates, we find this service very reliable and your website "excellent". Well done"Bill3rd June 2010
"I have been using your site for several years and I am much indebted to you for so much useful information. I just hope you make enough out of it to justify all the hard work. The new concise format showing nearby home sales gives me at a glance enough to know whether I need to investigate further this month. "Nick3rd June 2010
"We find this site very interesting, especially when we were re-mortgaging our property last year. Please keep sending updates!"Lesley3rd June 2010
"Thank you for these e-mails, it does keep us in touch with the market. We have a house with tenants in and we may wish to sell in the future, so it's nice to know just how the market is progressing. "Val3rd June 2010
"The new site looks great - laid out much better than before and pleasing to the eye - looking forward to next month's updates."Cathy2nd June 2010
"I think the new site is fantastic, it keeps me up to date with what is happening in and around my area keep up the good work..."Devon19th May 2010
"I find the service really useful. It's good to keep up with how the housing market is going, I have been in my house 20 years but you never know, one of these days I might be tempted to move!"Denise19th May 2010
"This is a fab site and I use it often! " Elspeth13th May 2010
"The old format worked but it's good to freshen up and the site is now even clearer. Great"Roger13th May 2010
"Just to say how much I appreciate . I am in the process of selling my own property for development and your feature keeps me abreast of property prices, both selling and buying."Derek13th May 2010
"It's been really helpful to get your emails. I want to sell my flat in about a year's time and you are helping me watching the market in my area. A big thank you."Bee13th May 2010
"We are finding your service very useful because we are trying to find a property as near as we can to my present place and we look at each of the examples you send us to get a good idea of what we can expect to get. "Roger11th May 2010
"I find your site of great interest but this new layout is very good and clear and many thanks for the information."John10th May 2010
"Yes love the new email format. Thank you so much for all you do in keeping me updated on land registry and diesel / petrol prices and news, it’s very much appreciated, a great service. I know I’ve written it as though you do this service for me alone but that’s because it feels like it as it is sent in such a personable manner."Denise10th May 2010
"Just to say I like the new format, which is very clear and bold. Always interesting to read the updates."Anthony7th May 2010
"I very much like the new format - still one of my favourite websites!"Marian6th May 2010
"Your new site is FANTASTIC! Well done - congrats and thanks."Roselle5th May 2010
"I thank you for updating, and yes I find the information and your site very useful, and very interesting. You can learn a lot about whats happening in county if we are getting out of recession or not if you look carefully at what information you send. Thank you"Angie14th April 2010
"Yes, I do find this site very useful, also has helped friends of mine move to this area and it is helpful to know what properties in my area are going for. Keep up the good work."Angela4th March 2010
"Your service has proven useful when we have looked for property for our children and will be useful soon when we move."Tony5th February 2010
"Although we are not seeking to buy or sell at present, it is still interesting to track the local market with your emails and web site from time to time. For example, the house next door to ours changed hands recently and your site gave me its sale price with which to value ours."John4th February 2010
"I can always rely on you to feed my knowledge and know what adjacent values are worth. A good site, well researched and non-intrusive or pressurising to the receiver at all times."Bob12th January 2010
"I have considered joining your web site for some months and have finally got round to it. The service and professionalism that you offer is plain to see. This is exactly what many industries need, especially the property sector at this time. Very refreshing. "Colin27th November 2009
"I have been an admirer of you and your site for a few years now but notice I am not amongst your many people who have shown their appreciation by commenting on your service. I moved house a couple of years ago but still look forward to your e mail. Firstly I am just nosey to keep abreast of the prices of the houses where I used to live but now have an interest in property values where I am now and I look forward to your monthly review. You do a great job."Reg13th November 2009
"I find it most helpful. I am now a widow and would love to sell my house, but the markets as you know are going nowhere at the moment. This helps to keep me up to date with what is available, what is being sold and the price ranges. One of these days I will put the house back on the market."Muriel12th November 2009
"Many thanks for the updates again, these are very useful to us and friends and family. We find your site really good and up to date, keep up the good work."Edwin11th November 2009
"Think it's about time for another thank you for doing this; have always thought it fascinating but even more so in the current climate - even I can see that the prices houses are selling for are beginning to go back up - it's one thing being told that by the building societies and quite another to see the proof for yourself - I know they're not politicians but...! "Geraldine10th November 2009
"Thank you for updating my details, and yes I do find the service useful! I do tell other people about it and give them the web address so I hope they use it too!"Lesley6th November 2009
"I do find this analysis helpful in trying to decide sell and buy options."David9th October 2009
"I know this may sound corny but I just wanted to say I enjoy my e-mail updates from your company it keeps my finger on the pulse for properties in my area. Keep up the good work and thank you!"Jen11th September 2009
"How you do it for free is beyond me, but this is one of the most valuable resources on the web. Access to land registry information via their respective bodies can be quite expensive. Your site offers a comprehensive and FREE service to many grateful users. Thank you!"James1st September 2009
"Many thanks for the updates. They are very informative to keep track of market price. Appreciate your service. "D. G.24th August 2009
"I am finding the service invaluable just now as I am thinking of selling at some point but staying in the area and have been watching the house prices; it also gives me an idea of what roughly I should be offering if I was interested in buying a property."Georgina20th August 2009
"You may like to know that, having tried other property websites, yours is much more up to date and user friendly!"Phil7th August 2009
"I thought that I would just advise you that your website has been most useful in selling my late Aunt's apartment and enabling us to agree a price with a sitting tenant. We hope to complete today whilst the market is still in difficult times of course. I have also advised my son of your site and he or his partner will no doubt be contacting you about the Battersea region in London. "John31st July 2009
"This site is very good as I am a property developer and I can see all the prices of houses on streets I'm looking for, (invaluable)."Michael24th July 2009
"Thanks for the update. I must admit that your site has been invaluable to me, especially over the past 8 months. During this time I have, within my family, sold two properties and made offers on three. I was able to increase their offers as I had a better understanding of the true value, and when buying was able to negotiate a sizable discount on the asking prices. Knowing the price history of a house has been really helpful, so thanks again for an excellent web site. "Paul24th July 2009
"Just wanted to say that although I am rather "silent" I really do appreciate the work you do and I think your service is fantastic. I own only three properties but the information I get from you is very valuable. Keep up the good work and many thanks from me!"Rob24th July 2009
"Thank you very much for sending me latest on the market, I really appreciate these bulletins; they enable me to see the trend for my flat. We are hoping to sell and your information would be of great help. I have passed you on to other friends since I have found you as you provide a very pleasant site, it's very clearly set out and easy to navigate. Keep up the good work."Balvinder23rd July 2009
"Thanks for all the info. It really is most useful, it is a must-have site."John23rd July 2009
"Thanks for the up date on the revisions that are being made; your guide is a reliable assessment of key performance indicators in local markets, useful tool."Chris23rd July 2009
"I find your regular updates interesting and educational, so thank you for keeping them coming, one day I may have need of your company's service."Jo23rd June 2009
"Thank you, I really appreciate these bulletins; They enable me to see the trend for my flat and my daughter's house. One day I hope to be able to move nearer to her."Michael19th June 2009
"I have explored the website a bit more and found it really useful and very interesting, especially the maps. Many thanks for the service - I trust that all is well with you. "Jack2nd April 2009
"I think your service is second to none."Jason11th March 2009
"You are magic! I have a major dream of retiring to Aberdeenshire and you are helping me get closer to it. I look forward to your monthly updates and I am keeping track of sales, setting and re-setting priorities and praying to win the lottery. It is fun to pull out my maps and figure out where specific properties are. Besides, it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. Your service makes it easy for me to track sales, get a feel for the market and do a bit of daydreaming, too. Thanks for your help from nort-hwest Ohio. "Anne6th March 2009
"Many thanks for the notification. Just to say a warm hello to you and all at This is a marvelous and highly informative website. The level of dedication and professionalism is breathtakingly awesome. Please keep up the good work. Very much appreciated!!"Olu6th March 2009
"I find the service very useful and fascinating. I was very interested in the pre 2000 pages; it is amazing how much property has increased in value over the years and to see the difference in similar properties in different areas. Properties in my road alone have increased to three times what I paid for mine 22 years ago! Thanks again for this service."Celia5th March 2009
"Just wanted to say after overall comparison of both website etc, I find much friendlier, better and faster to use. I have been using for months and am happy to continue to use you services. "Bav13th February 2009
"Thank you once more for the free information you continue to send me. I find the house prices very useful as I used to be involved with providing insurance backed mortgages. Although retired I am still consulted by people about house prices."Terry16th December 2008
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"At the moment I am looking for property in the Southport area so the site has been extremely informative about prices in the area. What I love about it is that I can select a road that would be my choice to live and then see if the prices are suitable to my budget so I can keep an eye on any future houses for sale. My friend works at Ball and Percival and I showed her the site when she came round and she too was very impressed and will certainly be passing your address on to people."Allyson Burton28th June 2007
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"Many thanks for keeping me abreast of sale values in my area as we are in the throes of searching locally, it does help tremendously to keep track of similar properties to our own in order that in planning a move with such an overall picture of prospective properties is a real boon. It also brings one down to earth on what properties are changeing hands for, as it is quite obvious that some are grossly overvalued, while some seem to have sold for rather less than might be expected."Dennis Pettitt5th June 2007
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"I do find the information very useful as my mum is moving up from England and the Scottish system of "offers over" is quite difficult to gauge. By using this site, it gives me some idea of how much to offer without going OTT. Keep the info coming, it's great."HELEN BROWN21st May 2007
"There aren't many sites around that can give the local and national picture of property trends, and none I have seen who do it in the informative style of OUR PROPERTY. As for the new info on the web site (Scottish Data), it's just as informative as the rest of the information on the site - "Superb". It opens up a wider field of potential operation for my own small business."John Pearson16th May 2007
"I find your service very useful. On our recent move, I marketed our house myself. Although I am a professional (quantity) surveyor and keep an eye on the house price indices I find the information your service provides to be an excellent supplementary source of data."Richard Toseland15th May 2007
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"My comment on your information : clear, concise, easy to find information which keeps one completely abreast of the property market situation. For those who want, or have, to move, your site must be of extreme importance and should be commended. Keep up the good work! "David Lowe10th May 2007
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"I would like to say that the site is superb. I am busy house hunting around Bury, Lancashire and yesterday found the site really helpful not just with regard to average prices but it also gave me an insight into which areas are more popular and affluent! I had seen a property last weekend and following viewing I felt it was a little overpriced. According to your stats it was about 30K overpriced! Rather than offend it is good to have prior knowledge from your site and it makes the process that much easier. I have no hesitation in recommending this site to anyone re-locating to a new area where local knowledge is limited. Good luck for future success!"Patricia Marsden2nd May 2007
"I am running a small Scottish property portfolio from abroad and discovering your website has just made my life easier. I can get a much better feel for what is a reasonable price and so can the seller. Better informed sellers and buyers will make for a much improved market for everyone. "Steven, Dubai25th April 2007
"My friend gave me the web address and I think it is fantastic. Well done for providing this sort of information to the public. Very helpful if you are thinking of moving house, or just like me out of interest as a guide on neighbouring house prices."Christine Speed24th April 2007
"I have been with you nearly from the start of your web site. You have certainly come a long way since then, and the new format is great. It is a fantastic site and I really do appreciate the info it contains. "Garry Mettam4th April 2007
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"Your web site is excellent, the best one I have looked at. What I like about your site is finally we can all check if what an estate agent is trying to say about an area is true or if prices are being overinflated. It is essential background research for anyone thinking of buying a house."Elizabeth Burke19th March 2007
"I have to say I think your site is great, I have found it very useful whilst purchasing my new house. I look forward to your new sites."Faye Bulman12th March 2007
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"Thank you so very much for coming back to me. I put an offer on a property recently and it was accepted two days later. Although I am happy that the offer was accepted, I wished I had known about your site beforehand. It would have saved me a lot of time and energy - a massive difference. Well done for setting up this site. I will spread the word. I will be more than happy to put up your posters wherever I am allowed to. Good luck and I wish you a great success now and in the future. "Uzo Nwokolo14th June 2006
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