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We are investment property specialists offering a range of services for investment property owners, including: - Property search services - Residential property sales - Residential lettings and property management - Refurbishment and styling services

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We provide the following services: Inventory Make, Check-In and Check Out, Interim Tenancy Inspections, EPC's, Portable Appliance Testing and Snagging for new build properties.

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  • "This always helps with locality & house prices. I have been using the service for over 10 years now and it is exact and useful to maintain an eye on property values. Thank you & the Team at 'Our Property'."

    KC - 05th July 2019

  • "An excellent way of keeping an eye on properties in areas of interest to me."

    GS - 20th June 2019

  • "Thank you ever so much, Team. Your updates are most informative; not least because valuations certainly seem to be on rise in my area. My daughter and her family are also appreciative - for the same reason!"

    Norman - 06th September 2017

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